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Online sportsbooks have ceased using eWalletXpress due to a federal warrant that has been served to eWalletXpress's parent company. Other deposit methods, such as prepaid cards, remain available.

Betting on sports over the Internet is not exactly the easiest form of gambling in which you may partake, which is why USA eWalletXpress Online Sports Betting Sites are amongst the most popular. The possibility of failed deposits and transactions has gone right out the window, as eWalletXpress was essentially designed for complete accuracy over anything else. Keeping fees low is another important task that eWalletXpress made it a point to stick with, so you will never find yourself short on cash because of processing fees, especially due to the bonuses available through each of the eWalletXpress USA Online Sports Betting locations. We have documented the best of the best, so you will never find yourself without a high quality gaming experience when it comes time to wager on sporting events.

USA Sports Betting Sites That Accept eWalletXpress

Online sportsbooks have brought the action of a live, land based sportsbook to the Internet. Like a Vegas style sportsbook, the eWalletXpress USA Online Sports Betting sites provide you with an immeasurable number of betting lines covering nearly all of the major sports and many of the minor sports operating around the world. No matter what you wish to bet on, you will find that there is at least one of the USA eWalletXpress Gambling sites that holds a bet that may interest you.

Sports Betting Sites Accepting eWalletXpress

Bookmaker Sportsbook - 20% Match Bonus

Bookmaker is topping the charts in terms of the USA eWalletXpress Sports Betting sites, and is even better than those that do not accept eWalletXpress. You should never face any complications when depositing with this method. Bookmaker will give you a 20% match to $500 upon signing up, which should cover any fees you encounter when depositing with eWalletXpress. As one of the leading deposit methods through this sportsbook, you will also be able to withdraw your winnings when you feel you have placed enough successful wagers.

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Diamond Sportsbook - 20% Match Bonus Up To $500

Diamond Sportsbook is another location for sports betting that has become one of the USA eWalletXpress online sports betting sites. With their 20% to $500 match bonus you will be able to use free credits to wager on the biggest sports in the world as well as a handful of some of the smaller sports. Diamond Sportsbook International has some of the hottest promotions in the industry beyond their initial deposit bonus, which will keep you in the money with every deposit you make. DSI has all that a Vegas style sportsbook offers, due in part to the fact that they generate many of their lines from the oddsmakers in Vegas.

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USA EwalletXpress Sportsbooks
EwalletXpress Sportsbook Bonuses
DSI $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
BookMaker $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
Bodog 10% unlimited match bonus Visit
5 Dimes $200 with a 50% match bonus Visit
CaribSports $250 with a 50% match bonus Visit