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Welcome to eWalletXpress USA, where we have taken the time to highlight the features of the best e-wallet in the industry - eWalletXpress. Using USA eWalletXpress gambling sites is one of the safest ways to fund your accounts, as well as one of the cheapest and easiest. If you would rather circumvent the use of a credit card and use your checking account to place money in your gambling account, then eWalletXpress is the easiest route you can take. You will be able to link your eWalletXpress account to the gambling account, thus making deposits and rapid withdrawals as easy as possible. The eWalletXpress Gambling is on the rise, as many other deposit methods are failing to remain consistent and accurate. Particularly in the United States, online gambling deposits are not exactly as easy as they once were, which is why electronic wallets, such as eWalletXpress, are of the utmost importance and popularity.

The use of eWalletXpress is a simple process to understand. In a nutshell, eWalletXpress functions like PayPal, the most popular electronic wallet in the industry. If you have ever made a purchase on eBay or received money over the Internet, then it is likely that you understand how e-wallets function. Simply put, you will have to register with the service, link your bank account to the e-wallet, and transfer some funds. Your future use of eWalletXpress will allow you to make deposits through other methods as well, covering transfers from a wire transfer to using a money order and even billing a phone line. As one of the easiest financial services on the Internet, there is never any difficulty involved in eWalletXpress gambling.

Registering For And Funding an eWalletXpress Account

Registering for eWalletXpress is as a process that takes mere minutes. You will simply have to visit their site and follow the registration link. Registration entails nothing more than offering your personal and financial information, as you will have to do through any other financial service. The eWalletXpress account you open is essentially a stand alone bank account which is not forced to standard banking regulations. Rather, eWalletXpress is used as a staging ground, an intermediary for your finances. The fact that eWalletXpress lies between your bank and your gambling site as the payment processor means you will have no problems with the transference of funds either into or out of your USA eWalletXpress gambling sites. With eWalletXpress registration under your belt, you are ready to move onto the real purpose of the service - an easy way to gamble online without the headaches of failed transactions, as well as a way for you to pay merchants for varying services.

After you register your account you will be faced with a variety of funding options. Loading your account must first be done through the use of your checking account. Upon completion of this first deposit, you will have other choices available. While your checking account is the primary way of funding your eWalletXpress account. If you then want to use one of the other options, you will be able to fund your account with money orders, bank wires, and a special method that you will soon learn about. Money orders can be sent in to eWalletXpress manually. Though this is a somewhat slower method, it is one of the safer ways to process your transactions. If you want to make deposits with absolutely no limit as to how much you can add to our account, you will have to turn to bank wires. With the use of bank wires you are able to make your deposits rapidly and relatively cheaply.

The final deposit method found with eWalletXpress gambling is through 900Pay, a revolutionary new service provided by eWalletXpress. By using 900Pay, you will be able to bill your home phone line by dialing a 1-900 number and having a charge added to your phone bill. If you were looking for a way to fund your account through a line of credit, then 900Pay is the method you will want to use. You will not have to make the payment up front, as you do not need any cash at the time of the deposit. When your phone bill is delivered at the end of the month, you will see an additional charge when using 900Pay.

EwalletXpress Fees And Bonuses

As with any service, the eWalletXpress review entailed some fees. You will be be faced with fees on nearly every deposit you make with eWalletXpress. The first deposit you make with a checking account will not be subject to any fees, though subsequent deposits with a checking account will be hit with a fee. Until you become one of the Validated eWalletXpress users, you will be slapped with a $10 dollar fee. When you become validated, your deposit limits will rise and you will take an 8.8% fee on all of your checking account deposits through this method. Bank wires are subject to a $15 dollar fee, which can be further increased by any charges the bank or wire transfer service happens to levy. The 900Pay service carries a 15% charge, which will never be more that $22.50, as a $150 dollar deposit limit is in place on all 900Pay deposits. Money orders remain the only free deposit method, though the institution issuing the money order may charge you a nominal fee for cutting the money order.

American residents are not exempt from learning from the eWalletXpress review, as this electronic wallet has been established primarily for residents of the United States. American residents will never have any trouble processing deposits. Since credit card transactions have been known to fail from time to time, bank wires are sometimes rejected by the bank, and other e-wallets can be difficult to join, eWalletXpress has no rate of failure, nor does it require a difficult sign up process. Joining eWalletXpress is as easy as opening a bank account, easier than receiving a credit card, and on the whole significantly cheaper than the interest rates that these cards would entail.

Bonuses are bound to eWalletXpress in ways that no other casino deposit methods can match. Due to the high costs of accepting credit cards and the difficulty in finding payment processors will process these transactions, many eWalletXpress gambling sites, eWalletXpress Casinos in particular, offer significant bonuses simply for making a deposit with eWalletXpress. These bonuses are not always monstrously large, but they are always a help and can typically counteract any fees that the eWalletXpress service might entail. These bonuses are also usually added on top of other bonuses you may see, giving you a large degree of free money simply for using one of the easiest deposit methods in the industry of online gambling in the U.S.

eWalletXpress Gambling Sites

The biggest advantage to eWalletXpress is the large number of types of eWalletXpress gambling sites. You will see primarily see eWalletXpress casinos as your gambling options, but sports betting and poker has not been excluded from eWalletXpress gambling. Some of these gambling sites will even include all three forms of online gambling in one easy to use package. If you run with the latter type of gambling site you will be able to make deposits into one account, which can be used to fund all forms of gambling in one. Otherwise, pay attention to the eWalletXpress casinos, eWalletXpress sportsbooks, and eWalletXpress poker rooms that are available to be played with on the Internet.

eWalletXpress Casinos

The eWalletXpress casinos are perhaps the most common form of gambling you will find in a review of eWalletXpress. Online casinos have been established to provide players with a way to get in on all of the iconic casino games without any traveling or inconveniences. Online casinos, built upon a variety of software, deliver each table game, every type of slot and video poker, as well as some specialty games such as keno and hi-lo. These eWalletXpress casinos have opened the doors to a level of gaming previously unseen on the Internet, as the deposits made with eWalletXpress are simply the easiest and most secure available.

Cherry Red Casino - 100% up to $777 Bonus

One of the top eWalletXpress casinos is that of Cherry Red Casino. Cherry Red Casino provides players with a huge set of bonuses, each acceptable through the eWalletXpress deposit method. You will see a set of bonuses that covers your first ten deposits made into the casino. Each deposit is backed by a 100% match to $777 dollars, which should prove substantial enough to give players a solid financial backing through their first steps into the casino. A slots only bonus is also available to give players a 400% match to $2,400 dollars, which can be activated using the eWalletXpress bonuses coupon code CHERRYREELSEX. As their preferred deposit method, Cherry Red Casino can also process withdrawals through the use of eWalletXpress.


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Superior Casino - Top Rival eWalletXpress Casino

Another one of the eWalletXpress casinos is that of Superior Casino. Superior Casino has more eWalletXpress bonuses available than any of the other online casinos. Superior Casino gives free money to eWalletXpress users every time a deposit is made. These bonuses are activated right before you make a deposit by clicking the appropriate button in the bonuses section of the cashier. Superior Casino is one of the Rival eWalletXpress casinos, which means you will have access to the best games in the online casino industry.


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Rome Casino - Up To $9,000 in Bonuses

Top Game has provided us with Rome Casino, one of the hottest eWalletXpress casinos in the industry. This casino hosts several dozen casino games, including table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, and many more. You will also see some of the most well designed slot games in the industry, including many progressive games, both under video slots and classic slots. There are also a good number of video poker games, as well as specialty games. A huge $9,000 dollar bonus awaits players who first sign up when they use the bonus code 9000FREE. The bonus code will start off a trio of bonuses, the first of which being a 500% match to $1,500 dollars. The next bonus is a 300% match to $2,500, followed by a 100% match to $5,000.


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USA eWalletXpress Casinos
Cherry Red Casino $2,400 RTG Visit
Win Palace Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Las Vegas USA Casino $125 RTG Visit
Pure Vegas Casino $2,400 RTG Visit
Sun Palace $125 RTG Visit
Bodog Casino Unlimited RTG Visit
Sloto Cash Casino $1,500 Rival Visit
Slots Oasis Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Slots Plus Casino $125 RTG Visit
Rushmore Casino $2,000 RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online $125 RTG Visit
Manhattan Slots Casino $747 RTG Visit
Superior Casino $1,000 Rival Gaming Visit
Rome Casino $9,000 Top Game Visit
Lucky Red Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Superior Casino $2,000 Rival Visit

eWalletXpress Sports Betting

Sports betting is also covered by the use of eWalletXpress, and is the easiest way to fund an account revolving around sports betting. The use of eWalletXpress has made it possible to make instant, fail proof deposits. Most of the online sportsbooks have added eWalletXpress to their list of available deposit methods, so you will not have any trouble finding one of the sports betting sites that accept eWalletXpress. If your credit card deposits have been met with failure or you have not yet attained an account to other electronic wallets, then you may want to consider eWalletXpress as your highest priority in selecting a deposit option.

DSI Sportsbook - 20% Match Bonus

Diamond Sportsbook International is one of the hottest of the eWalletXpress sportsbooks. You can fund your account with eWalletXpress with the utmost ease, and even receive a free $500 dollars depending on how much you deposit. Your funds will be matched by a 20% match bonus. The more you deposit, the more you will receive. DSI runs betting lines on every sport, both major and minor, both team and individual, and cover all of the events found under their available sports. Furthermore, DSI runs many betting types, including parlays, straight bets, totals, spreads, and much more. Diamond Sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks available on the Internet, and a personal favorite of ours.


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USA EwalletXpress Sportsbooks
EwalletXpress Sportsbook Bonuses
DSI $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
BookMaker $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
Bodog 10% unlimited match bonus Visit
5 Dimes $200 with a 50% match bonus Visit
CaribSports $250 with a 50% match bonus Visit

eWalletXpress Online Poker

Online poker can also be funded through the use of eWalletXpress. Being that online poker has been exploding in popularity, it is no surprise that poker fans can use eWalletXpress to fund their account. Online poker has brought tables of all shapes and sizes to players, including tournaments and cash games. Some of the largest tournaments in the world are now taking place online, with millions of dollars in the prize pool. Using eWalletXpress is not only a funding option, but also a withdrawal option through many of the online sportsbooks.

Bodog Poker - 110% Match Bonus

Bodog, one of the oldest names in the history of online gambling, supplies players with one of the biggest poker rooms on the Internet. Bodog allows players to sit in on cash games and tournaments of varying sizes, and will even send many players to the World Series Of Poker on a yearly basis. Bodog has some of the softest tables available, so any skilled player should be able to win consistently. Their 110% match bonus is the best in the industry, as they not only offer 10% up front, but they also allow players to unlock the remaining 100% very quickly when compared to other online poker rooms. As one of the main poker rooms we found in our eWalletXpress review, Bodog was one of the easiest to take a liking to. Bodog also has a sportsbook and one of the best EwalletXpress casinos.


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EwalletXpress Poker
Peak Players
Bodog Poker $500 20k+ Players Visit